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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

David Davis For Leader

I have come across an exciting blog entitled as above. The chap who runs it clearly has more time than I do, so I suggest you check there if I have not been able to impart my wisdom. This new blog can be found at

I am jolly pleased to see so many fellow party members are heading in the Right direction!

Mr. Tyler also publishes a the potential configuration of the Shadow Cabinet. I would be delighted to see dear William make a return to the front benches. Nevertheless, it also contains far too much poison. These 'modernisers' should be consigned to the dustbin of history - which is where they seek to take our Party.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tory Democracy

Disraeli's decision to broaden the franchise by the Second Reform Act of 1866 ushered in over a Century of largely Tory rule. It was the Duke of Wellington who ensured that the Great Reform Act of 1832 passed the Lords where it had previously been rejected. In short, we are a Party that believes in democracy and the party that made Britain democractic.

And yet, it would seem, that Mr. Howard and his merry band of moronic modernisers think it is 'modern' to deny us the vote in this leadership election. It is only modern in that it runs against the grain of our Party's history. How can we ask our fellow countrymen to lend us their votes when as a party we refuse to trust our own membership to elect our leader? We all accept that IDS was a disaster, but let us not forget that it was the MPs who offered us an impossible choice - between:
(a) a non-entity; and
(b) a fat, cigar-smoking, Federast who should have joined the anti-British Liberal Demagogues.
Under the circumstances, the Party only did what it could and voted for IDS.

Those who think that the answer is to take away our democractic rights are fundamentally mistaken. The answer is to give us, the members, more democracy, not less. If we had been able to choose between all the candidates in 2001, I would have voted for Mr. Davis. If the party does not take away our democractic rights, then in 2005, I will vote for Mr. Davis.

In the final analysis, Mr. Howard is simply an upstart Grammar-school boy who failed to leave his mark in the General Election so is damn determined to point the Party towards another defeat by ensuring that one of these so-called modernisers who will turn the public away from us. Mr. Howard is determined that history will judge his failure a success by making sure that we lose more seats in 2009 than we did in 2005.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

It has got to be David Davis

It is time for me to declare my hand in the upcoming leadership contest. For the sake of our Party and our Country, it has got to be David Davis. His military experience means he will not shirk from the fight - the fight for real Conservative values. The fight against Mr. Blair. The fight against Mr. Brown. And the fight for our way of life against Brussels.

So, go forth and spread the word that the only viable future for our Party and our Country is Mr. Davis. Campaign in your local association. Contact your Conservative MP. Write to your local newspaper. And never surrender our democratic right to elect the leader of our party.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kylie

I was devastated to hear the news that Kylie Minogue has breast cancer. I have been a great fan since she appeared as Charlene in Neighbours. If this government had invested more in cancer treatment tragedies like this would never happen.

Monday, May 16, 2005

A great menace is upon us again

I was quite shocked to read that Kenneth Clarke has decided to run for the leadership. This man appears to be quite incapable of understanding that WE DO NOT WANT HIM! He failed in 1997. He failed in 2001, by 50,000 votes. The last thing the Party needs is a traitor who would sell us out to Europe quicker than you can say 'hush puppies'. Not to mention, of course, his unfailing loyalty to Mr. Heseltine who destroyed the greatest prime minister England has ever seen, thus ushering in over a decade of crisis and weak leadership for the party. Let us all hope that our MPs have the good sense to do down Mr. Clarke's delusions of grandeur.

I was pleased to read an article by Matthew D'Ancona in the Sunday Telegraph. He is firmly backing Mr. Davis - a fine choice!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

It doesn't surprise me!

Just saw a jolly funny thing on the BBC website.

Apparently, some fool sent out an email saying: "This is a message to let you know that Perth is dangerous at this time of year"

Well what do you expect? They are a country full of convicts afterall!!

Crackdown on Yobs

So Mr. Blair says he will crackdown on yobs, that there is not enough respect in Britain today. And what does he propose? That they ban certain items of clothing! This pathetic suggestion will not solve the problem. Of course I am all in favour of making our young people dress properly once more (is a shirt with a collar and a decent pair of trousers too much to ask?) but what we really need is honesty. The youth of today are surrounded by violence in the school playground, the cinema, on the television, and most likely between their oafish parents. I have a very simple answer that they will undoubtedly understand: BRING BACK THE CANE!

A blog for real Conservatives

I am utterly disheartened to have to start this site. When Michael Howard MP was elected as the leader of our party I was delighted. This election campaign was a great success as we returned to our core values: lower taxes, less government interference, greater discipline. In short, Britain for the British.

Quite frankly, I feel betrayed. Our venerable leader has decided - perhaps he is losing his marbles? - to promote lilly-livered, pinko-liberal, communists to the forefront of the party. How can a man like George Osborne be made Shadow Chancellor. He didn't even go to a proper school and lives in a despicable tofu-eating, Guardian reading enclave of West London. Disgusting.